2017 best WordPress multilingual translation plugin – WPML

WPML supports more than 40 languages ​​by default, you can also add other languages.

WPML can add translations to your primary domain name, or you can add translation to your subdomains and other domain names, you can make it to be a universal way for multilingual website management.

WPML license starts at 29 dollars, the full version sells for 79 dollars, but WPML is really worth it! At first, you need add eCommerce multi-language support and translation gadgets, or translate them on the dashboard so that users in different languages ​​can understand the theme and plugin settings.

Of course, the most important function of WPML is to translate. Using WPML plugin, you can translate the content by manually and automatically.

If you need automatic translation, WPML can sync with ICanLocalize and Cloudwords servers. WPML can send the content of your website to the appropriate server for translation, and get good translation results.

If you prefer manual translation, you can also use WordPress text editor, input the translation content next to the original text.

You can also encourage your visitors to translate your site’s content, and you can designate their role as a translator. The user can fill in their own language during the registration process. The Webmasters can draw up specific translations texts for these translators.

Free translation plugin – qTranslate-X

In a few years,  qTranslate is one of the best plugins for WordPress official website. However, as time goes on, its update frequency is getting slower and slower, but it has not been abandoned completely yet and has not been deleted from the plugins.

qTranslate-X is a fixed plugin from qTranslate, which also shows that very few people have used it. In fact, the new version of the plugin also has many new features not available in the original qTranslate.

qTranslate-X is similar to Polylang. After installation you need to select the default source language and other languages ​​added to your site and create a unique two-letter encoding for each supported language. However, qTranslate-X sets the flag icon and encoding for the 25 most common languages ​​for your convenience.

The language code shows what language the content is written in. This is also good for search engine optimization. By recording each type of text on a unique URL, search engines can index your content several times.

When users visit your site, they automatically navigate to the page that appears in the language that they need. They can also switch language by using a dedicated gadget.

The users can also switch to the language they choose by choosing it at the top of the toolbar. They can easily find it so they do not get overwhelmed with language.

Using qTranslate-X can only be manually translated. When you find the WordPress visual editor, you can see the flag icons for all language-enabled languages. You can click these icons to switch the text editor in each language without having to reload the language page. This means you can write in multiple languages ​​at the same time.

And there are other plugins that make sure qTranslate-X works with some of the more popular WordPress plugins:

WooCommerce and qTranslate-X
Yoast SEO and qTranslate-X
All in One SEO and qTranslate-X
Gravity Forms and qTranslate-X
WPBakery Visual Composer and qTranslate-X
All of these plugins, including the member version, are available for free from the official WordPress website.

Easy Digital Downloads help you build your online store

WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads is currently the most widely used as WordPress mall plugins, with a large number of extensions, they support physical and virtual goods, but WooCommerce is much better for Physical transactions, while Easy Digital Downloads is better for virtual goods (download service), Easy Digital Downloads has a lot of optimization for virtual goods. So, if you plan to use WordPress to build physical transactions, it is recommended to choose WooCommerce, if you are building a virtual goods store, providing download fees, paid services, it is recommended to choose Easy Digital Downloads.

Easy Digital Downloads is a lightweight, efficient and easy-to-use WordPress store plugin for a complete e-commerce site for digital or non-physical transactions.

The main features:

Shopping Cart System – Support one-time purchase of multiple products
Coupon System – Flexibility to set different offers for products and generate coupon codes
Payment Gateway – default support for Paypal, Amazon and test payment gateway, you can also add other payment gateway support through other extensions, such as Alipay, WeChat payment
Complete consumer history – you can easily see the specific information for each transaction
User purchase history and support multiple downloads
Add multiple downloads for each product, allowing you to set multiple package prices
Support bundled multiple products
Custom order receipt and email
Sales and revenue statistics
Detailed product purchase and download log
Support export data to CSV and PDF files
You can do more with extensions
Have a sound development interface and documentation

You can search Easy Digital Downloads at backend for online installation, or download it here https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-digital-downloads/

Attachment Taxonomies – add category and tag for WordPress Multimedia Library

From time to time, we can hear some people saying that WordPress such a powerful system, why not how support multimedia attachments classification. Well, the default setting is indeed not supported. Today we recommend a useful plugin Attachment Taxonomies, it can add multimedia classification and add tag, if you like this feature, you can try.

Attachment Taxonomies Key Features:

Add categories and tags to the media library (separate from regular post categories and tags.)
Inserts filter dropdowns for attachment taxonomies into the media toolbar and media modal
Allows to pick taxonomy terms for attachments from within the Attachment Selection & Edit modals
Adds a setting for the default attachment category
Enhances the gallery shortcode so that images of a specific attachment taxonomy can be included automatically
Lightweight plugin following WordPress Core principles
“Decisions, not Options”
Can easily be used as a must-use plugin
Provides a flexible API to add other attachment taxonomies or disable the existing ones for developers
Provides an easy-to-use has_default argument that can be used when registering an attachment taxonomy in order to automatically add a setting for the default taxonomy term
Developers are free to use the plugin-provided object-oriented taxonomy approach or use familiar WordPress Core functions

You can search Attachment Taxonomies for online installation on the plugin installation interface, or download Attachment Taxonomies here https://wordpress.org/plugins/attachment-taxonomies/ .

Free translation plugin – Lingotek Translation

If you like the features provided by Polylang, but not good at translation, Lingotek is the best option for you. Lingotek is a free translation management cloud system built with Polylang.

Lingotek offers three translation solutions:

Machine Translation
With Microsoft Translator, you can translate the first 100,000 characters for free.

Team Translation
Available to you or your colleagues/users. Translating website content using the built-in Lingotek Workbench special text editor.

Professional Translation
Professional Translation is best when your money is abundant. You can hire one of nearly 5,000 professional translators from the Lingotek website. To help you keep track of translations and to select the best team members for you, you should create a profile page for each translator.

There are other plugins to complete high level machine translation or team translation, but no one can compete with Lingotek, though you can hire a professional translator to work with Lingotek’s professional text editor. Professional, high quality translations can bring more users who can not speak your native language to your site.

Lingotek Translation send your content automatically to the Lingotek server through the cloud. You can follow the translation process in real time through the display box and send the translated content to your site once the translation is complete. The whole process is completely automated.

Free translation plugin – Google Website Translator

In order to win Internet users, you have to publish multilingual content for your website. If you translate your own content into Spanish, you may see Spanish users visiting your website. The simple way to translate the content of your site into multiple languages is to install the relevant translation plugins.

To make translating quick and easy, many webmasters prefer Google translators. Google Translate is a great free translation service, we know, the translation quality is not bad, this service is free, and can support more than 100 languages.

Since this service is so good, why not use it to translate the contents of your site? Google Website Translator can automates the entire translation process.

Google Website Translator is also simple to use, the only thing you need to do is to install and activate the plugin, set the language for your site, and then select the target language. The translation management panel is very clear at a glance, the entire translation process is particularly easy.

You can put a Prisna GWT gadget in the sidebar of your website, you can also use the short code to insert in to the posts. Users can choose their own languages from the lists or click the corresponding flag icon. Each gadget has four styles to choose.

Google Website Translator can translates the content of your site instantly into the selected language.

WordPress Free support ticketing System Plugins – WSDesk

WSDesk is a simple and user-friendly, free client-only system plugin, the plugin will help you seamlessly manage customer feedback. With WSDesk, all customer complaints feedback becomes a ticket, allowing you to respond effortlessly. The WSDesk is very lightweight and works on Ajax, so it does not interfere with your site’s loading speed.

The WSDesk design process takes into account every issue encountered by our website finding a suitable support system. So WSDesk comes with everything you need: unlimited tickets, multiple customer support, customizable email replies, complete ticket history, file attachments, and more. In addition, it is free!

Support will call in the fornt page through the shortcode, to facilitate the user to submit and manage their own work orders

Retrieve data from email using IMAP, Gmail, and G Suite
Completely based on Ajax web page loading
Simplified, barrier-free interface
Good management and classification view
Status reports and analysis for the last 7 days
Customize ticket fields and appearances
Use Ajax to search for tickets
Reply can send attachments

You can search WSDesk for online installation in the backend plugin installation interface, or download WSDesk here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wsdesk/

Polylang – free manual translation plugin

The manual translation plugin can help you secondary translation of the content by using the appropriate software. You can write posts in your mother tongue and then translate it into other languages, so that users can switch between these languages. In this way the labor intensity of translation is larger, but the quality of translation will be higher.

Polylang just belongs to the manual translation plugin. This means that you must have proficiency in the language, you need to translate the content of your site’s manually, or you need hire someone to help you to translate. For all the webmasters who want to manage multiple language sites, Polylang is easy to use.

You need to add your support language in setting page, Polylang supports nearly 100 languages. Each language is added separately and you need to choose a unique two-letter encoding for it. You can also choose the language name or click the corresponding flag icon.

Now you can translate any post, page, comments, categories, tags or menu! It is important to emphasize that you do not need to translate every post, you only translate the posts what you need.

Every translation posts will generate a unique two-letter coded URL address you specified after the release of the translation, Users can use the appropriate gadget to switch.

Live Chat by Supsystic – WordPress online chat plugin

Live Chat by Supsystic can easily add online chat function for your WordPress site, help you build a good online customer service. There are few live chat features that are really free and easy to use, and Live Chat by Supsystic is the really good live chat plugin. Completely without third-party service support, all data and operations are done in WordPress.

Special feature:

Unlimited real-time chat
Real-time monitoring of visitors
Design templates that support custom live chat windows
Unlimited instant chat customer service
Chat history and statistics (only the professional version supports statistical functions)
Customer service phone instant chat applet (Android version)

Download to use:

1. You can search Live Chat by Supsystic in the backend for online installation, or download Live Chat by Supsystic https://wordpress.org/plugins/live-chat-by-supsystic/

2.Live Chat by Supsystic has a professional version, you need to pay for the purchase, if you need some features of the Professional Edition (statistics, some options), you can consider buying: http://supsystic.com/plugins/live-chat/

WP Fastest Cache – WordPress Cache Accelerator plugins

With wordpress constantly updated, the current wordpress is already very bloated, if you do not set the cache, the website response time will be longer. The use of cache plugins can significantly improve the website response load time. Currently W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache is a more professional cache plugin, suitable for professionals, WP Super Cache will be simpler.

Today, we introduce WP Fastest Cache, the cache plugin is very simple to use, the principle is to generate a static cache page in the server, the user access directly to read static files, to achieve the purpose of acceleration. At the same time WP Fastest Cache also support browser-side cache settings, the pages having been visited and static files will be cached in the browser, users visiting the same page for the second time will directly read local cache files of the browser.

In addition to these caching features, WP Fastest Cache also supports page compression, css and js file merge compression, which is more powerful than W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

Plugin installation

WP Fastest Cache can be installed directly in the wordpress backend, search plugin name: WP Fastest Cache, enabled.

Plugin address: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-fastest-cache/