Imsanity – bulk-resize uploaded images

Image is absolutely a big factor affecting the loading speed of the website. Recently, the users usually don’t pay attention to the picture optimization, uploaded pictures sometimes is more than 2M! How about the loading speed! This is the problems most of admin must solve, and ultimately found Imsanity can help us to slove the trouble.

Imsanity allows you to set the maximum width and height of the picture, once the the picture user uploading exceeds the set width or height, it will automatically reduce the picture in order to limit the user upload a large picture. In addition, Imsanity also provides the feature of bulk-resize uploaded pictures, you can set the width and height, scanning out of the picture beyond the limit, and then can perform batch processing of these pictures.

If you want Imsanity not to shrink your uploaded picture, as long as you name your image file ending with -noresize , Like image-noresize.jpg

You can install Imsanity on the backend installation interface or install it manually after downloading Imsanity from the WP official