Use WP Plugin Info Card to automatically get plugin/topic information in posts

If you are a developer of plugin or theme or have a WordPress tutorial site, you may want to add plugins or theme information to your post, and you are recommended to use the plugin – WP Plugin Info Card.

WP Plugin Info Card lets you display information about plugins and themes in a beautiful box. It uses the plugin API and thematic APIs to retrieve data. All you need to do is provide a valid plugin/theme ID, then insert a simple code on any page.

The WP Plugin Info Card plugin is very lightweight and loads JS and CSS only when needed. The plugin also uses the WordPress transients caching mechanism to cache the returned information, 720 minutes by defaults, so your page loading time will not increase with too many requests. You can choose large and small card display styles

Search WP Plugin Info Card can be installed online in the backend, or download WP Plugin Info Card here