WordPress plugin – Favorites

Favorites is a WordPress plugin, developed for users and theme developers, that offers an easy-to-use API for adding post collection buttons for different post types.

Although the name of the plugin is “Favorites,” you can customize the text, for example, change to like, bookmarks, or other types of names.


Support for any article type – which post types can be selected to open the Favorites button in the back-end
Support for all users – including both logged-in and un-logged-in users
Designed for End Users and Developers – This plugin is designed to meet the end-user’s needs and has many functions and interfaces reserved for developers for easy secondary development
Support for multi-site mode – the user favorite data is stored in a single site, but can expand
The Favorites plugin provides short codes and PHP template tags to let the user or developer call the relevant data. Such as the display of the favorite button, the list of users who have bookmarked the article, the list of articles the user has bookmarked.

search Favorites in the backend, you can be installed online, or download Favorites here https://wordpress.org/plugins/favorites/.