WordPress music player РMP3-jPlayer compatible with mobile devices & support for playlists

MP3-jPlayer is a compatible mobile device and support for playlists WordPress music player, more suitable for the music website to use, let’s look at its main features:

Flexible multi-player audio plug-in
Play almost continuously between pages
From the media library, upload folders and URL play
Players and single file audio player
Add unlimited music player to articles, pages, sidebar and template files
Show player for visitors or logged in users
Provide download to visitors or logged in users
Support integration WP default audio player
Customizable themes, fonts, titles and photo placements
Support pop-up playback
The player’s various options can be set via the code parameters
Use custom fields to manage playlists
Support mp3, m4a, mp4, webm, oga, ogg and wav format
Strong cross-browser / platform compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
Support multiple sites

You can install online the plugin by searching MP3-jPlayer in the backend, or download MP3-jPlayer here https://wordpress.org/plugins/mp3-jplayer/, unzip upload to wp-content/plugins directory for installation.