WordPress Theme Test Plugin: Theme Test Drive

We often need to test some themes online, but do not want to affect user access, nor do we want our visitors to know that we are switching the test theme, so you can try the Theme Test Drive plugin.

Theme Test Drive Introduction

Theme Test Drive is a WordPress theme online test plugin, which is designed for webmasters specially, the administrators can use Theme Test Drive switch to test any theme, and visitors can still see the original theme, not Affect visitors reading. Theme Test Drive also allows you to set different levels of registered users to preview your theme, add the theme after the URL? Theme=xxx (theme name) can preview .

Installation and of use Theme Test Drive

1. In the backend plugin installation interface, you can directly search Theme Test Drive to install online, or download Theme Test Drive here http://wordpress.org/plugins/theme-test-drive/.

2 Note: If you do not need to test the theme, you must click the isable Theme Drive button, and then disable the plugin. If you just disabled the plugin, but did not click the Disable Theme Drive button, you still saw the theme you last tested.


WordPress Live Chat plugin – Live Chat

Live Chat is a full-featured free chat wp plugin, let’s looks at the main features:

Live Chat – Displays a contact window at the front desk.
Desktop notifications – desktop notifications can be displayed for administrators and prospects.
Attachments – Both front-end users and administrators can send attachments.
Emoticons – Both front-end users and admins can send emoticons.
Chat options – can be set offline in the background, online, and left.
Customer Service – You can add chat customer service.
Chat Window Custom Styles and Themes – You can change the chat color scheme and theme from the backend settings.
Live Visitors – You Can Get Real Time Visitor IP Addresses, Browser Details **
No customer service online, support message:

In general, the plugin is still very good.

You can search Live Chat to find the plugin at the plug-in installation interface, or you can download Live Chat here https://wordpress.org/plugins/live-chat-support-system/

User Role Sync plugin in WordPress Multi-site Mode

When a user registered a website in a multi-site network and he can log in to all websites in the network. The plugin User Role Sync is able to help multi-site user to realize it.

Multisite User Role Sync works as follows:

When a user visits a website, the plugin will check whether the user is a registered user.
If this user is already a registered user, no action will be taken.
If the user is not a registered user of this site, add the user to this site (automatically assigned the role you set the default role – [synchronization roles]
If this user is not a registered user of blog, this user will be assigned the specified default role [default role]
When a user’s role is updated, this user’s role in all blogs can be updated. 【Role Update】

Search Multisite User Role Sync at the backend, you can install the plugin or downloaded here https://wordpress.org/plugins/multisite-user-role-sync/, unzipped and uploaded to wp-content / plugins directory to install.