2017 best WordPress multilingual translation plugin – WPML

WPML supports more than 40 languages ​​by default, you can also add other languages.

WPML can add translations to your primary domain name, or you can add translation to your subdomains and other domain names, you can make it to be a universal way for multilingual website management.

WPML license starts at 29 dollars, the full version sells for 79 dollars, but WPML is really worth it! At first, you need add eCommerce multi-language support and translation gadgets, or translate them on the dashboard so that users in different languages ​​can understand the theme and plugin settings.

Of course, the most important function of WPML is to translate. Using WPML plugin, you can translate the content by manually and automatically.

If you need automatic translation, WPML can sync with ICanLocalize and Cloudwords servers. WPML can send the content of your website to the appropriate server for translation, and get good translation results.

If you prefer manual translation, you can also use WordPress text editor, input the translation content next to the original text.

You can also encourage your visitors to translate your site’s content, and you can designate their role as a translator. The user can fill in their own language during the registration process. The Webmasters can draw up specific translations texts for these translators.