Free translation plugin – Google Website Translator

In order to win Internet users, you have to publish multilingual content for your website. If you translate your own content into Spanish, you may see Spanish users visiting your website. The simple way to translate the content of your site into multiple languages is to install the relevant translation plugins.

To make translating quick and easy, many webmasters prefer Google translators. Google Translate is a great free translation service, we know, the translation quality is not bad, this service is free, and can support more than 100 languages.

Since this service is so good, why not use it to translate the contents of your site? Google Website Translator can automates the entire translation process.

Google Website Translator is also simple to use, the only thing you need to do is to install and activate the plugin, set the language for your site, and then select the target language. The translation management panel is very clear at a glance, the entire translation process is particularly easy.

You can put a Prisna GWT gadget in the sidebar of your website, you can also use the short code to insert in to the posts. Users can choose their own languages from the lists or click the corresponding flag icon. Each gadget has four styles to choose.

Google Website Translator can translates the content of your site instantly into the selected language.

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