Free translation plugin – Lingotek Translation

If you like the features provided by Polylang, but not good at translation, Lingotek is the best option for you. Lingotek is a free translation management cloud system built with Polylang.

Lingotek offers three translation solutions:

Machine Translation
With Microsoft Translator, you can translate the first 100,000 characters for free.

Team Translation
Available to you or your colleagues/users. Translating website content using the built-in Lingotek Workbench special text editor.

Professional Translation
Professional Translation is best when your money is abundant. You can hire one of nearly 5,000 professional translators from the Lingotek website. To help you keep track of translations and to select the best team members for you, you should create a profile page for each translator.

There are other plugins to complete high level machine translation or team translation, but no one can compete with Lingotek, though you can hire a professional translator to work with Lingotek’s professional text editor. Professional, high quality translations can bring more users who can not speak your native language to your site.

Lingotek Translation send your content automatically to the Lingotek server through the cloud. You can follow the translation process in real time through the display box and send the translated content to your site once the translation is complete. The whole process is completely automated.

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