Attachment Taxonomies – add category and tag for WordPress Multimedia Library

From time to time, we can hear some people saying that WordPress such a powerful system, why not how support multimedia attachments classification. Well, the default setting is indeed not supported. Today we recommend a useful plugin Attachment Taxonomies, it can add multimedia classification and add tag, if you like this feature, you can try.

Attachment Taxonomies Key Features:

Add categories and tags to the media library (separate from regular post categories and tags.)
Inserts filter dropdowns for attachment taxonomies into the media toolbar and media modal
Allows to pick taxonomy terms for attachments from within the Attachment Selection & Edit modals
Adds a setting for the default attachment category
Enhances the gallery shortcode so that images of a specific attachment taxonomy can be included automatically
Lightweight plugin following WordPress Core principles
“Decisions, not Options”
Can easily be used as a must-use plugin
Provides a flexible API to add other attachment taxonomies or disable the existing ones for developers
Provides an easy-to-use has_default argument that can be used when registering an attachment taxonomy in order to automatically add a setting for the default taxonomy term
Developers are free to use the plugin-provided object-oriented taxonomy approach or use familiar WordPress Core functions

You can search Attachment Taxonomies for online installation on the plugin installation interface, or download Attachment Taxonomies here .

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