Free translation plugin – qTranslate-X

In a few years,  qTranslate is one of the best plugins for WordPress official website. However, as time goes on, its update frequency is getting slower and slower, but it has not been abandoned completely yet and has not been deleted from the plugins.

qTranslate-X is a fixed plugin from qTranslate, which also shows that very few people have used it. In fact, the new version of the plugin also has many new features not available in the original qTranslate.

qTranslate-X is similar to Polylang. After installation you need to select the default source language and other languages ​​added to your site and create a unique two-letter encoding for each supported language. However, qTranslate-X sets the flag icon and encoding for the 25 most common languages ​​for your convenience.

The language code shows what language the content is written in. This is also good for search engine optimization. By recording each type of text on a unique URL, search engines can index your content several times.

When users visit your site, they automatically navigate to the page that appears in the language that they need. They can also switch language by using a dedicated gadget.

The users can also switch to the language they choose by choosing it at the top of the toolbar. They can easily find it so they do not get overwhelmed with language.

Using qTranslate-X can only be manually translated. When you find the WordPress visual editor, you can see the flag icons for all language-enabled languages. You can click these icons to switch the text editor in each language without having to reload the language page. This means you can write in multiple languages ​​at the same time.

And there are other plugins that make sure qTranslate-X works with some of the more popular WordPress plugins:

WooCommerce and qTranslate-X
Yoast SEO and qTranslate-X
All in One SEO and qTranslate-X
Gravity Forms and qTranslate-X
WPBakery Visual Composer and qTranslate-X
All of these plugins, including the member version, are available for free from the official WordPress website.

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