Polylang – free manual translation plugin

The manual translation plugin can help you secondary translation of the content by using the appropriate software. You can write posts in your mother tongue and then translate it into other languages, so that users can switch between these languages. In this way the labor intensity of translation is larger, but the quality of translation will be higher.

Polylang just belongs to the manual translation plugin. This means that you must have proficiency in the language, you need to translate the content of your site’s manually, or you need hire someone to help you to translate. For all the webmasters who want to manage multiple language sites, Polylang is easy to use.

You need to add your support language in setting page, Polylang supports nearly 100 languages. Each language is added separately and you need to choose a unique two-letter encoding for it. You can also choose the language name or click the corresponding flag icon.

Now you can translate any post, page, comments, categories, tags or menu! It is important to emphasize that you do not need to translate every post, you only translate the posts what you need.

Every translation posts will generate a unique two-letter coded URL address you specified after the release of the translation, Users can use the appropriate gadget to switch.

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