Create your help document – WordPress plugin weDocs

If you are a developer and have released your own product, you may need to write help documentation for your product. We recommends using the WordPress plugin weDocs to create your help documentation.

weDocs introduction
weDocs is a help documentation plugin from wedevs, the author of the WP user frontend. You can use weDocs to create great looking documentation for your product and organize your product documentation in your WordPress site!

weDocs operation is also very convenient, you can operate directly in the backend. you can also use the short code [wedocs] to call.

weDocs download

You can download wedocs in WordPress official:, or you can search wedocs directly in the backend to install online.

WordPress Multi-Emoticon Vote/Comment Plugin – DW Reactions

DW Reactions is a very nice WordPress poll voting plugin, much like Facebook’s new feature, allowing visitors to express multiple emotions about each blog post. Look at the picture below, is it cool!

DW Reactions is simple and flexible to use, directly to install and enable the plugin, visit the settings interface to set according to your own ideas. Users can easily display the reactions button and the reaction count above or below the post content according to your taste in the WordPress Admin Panel via Reactions Settings.

DW Reactions also provide short-code [reaction] or PHP Function: dw_reactions() in order to display reactions button & counting for your WordPress theme. It is worth to talk about, DW Reactions” is open source software.

Free translation plugin – MultilingualPress

Unlike other tranlation plugins,  MultilingualPress uses WordPress Multisite, so you can use it to connect your multi-sites in different languages and at different versions, such as, and

You can use it to connect numerous websites. All you have to do is set the default language for each of your sites. Users can use their own native language with gadgets or links added to each post.

Although every website in the Family is completely independent, MultilingualPress edits all articles on one page. At the same time, you can add any translated articles without having to switch websites, thus speeding up translation and simplifying the translation process.

Another advantage of MultilingualPress is that it connects versions of your site’s translations to ensure that they are linked to each other. When the plugin is disabled, these translated versions will continue to exist, the same as when the plugin is enabled.

Test the WordPress theme online - WP Theme Test

Sometimes, we need to test the effect of the new theme online, but we do not want other users to see the new theme. We have ever used the Theme Test Drive to test theme effect, new we recommend a more flexible wordpress theme-testing plugin: WP Theme Test.

WP Theme Test can help you easily select the theme to be tested, enabled the test function, which user role to select, IP address, the plugin also provide the parameter ?theme= to view the efftct of the theme, it is very convenient to use!

You can search for WP Theme Test in the backend for plugin online installation, or download the WP Theme Test here

WordPress Idea/Feedback/Voting Plugins – Idea Factory

Some times, we often need to solicit some ideas from users. Idea Factory is a great WordPress idea/opinion solicitation and voting plugin that allows users to submit and vote new ideas from the front-end.

The main features are as follows:

Front-end AJAX submission and voting
Currently only valid for logged-in users
Allow users to vote once per idea
When submitting a new mail notify the administrator
Expand and link with the event and action
AJAX load more ideas
Friendly for mobile devices

Plugin download:

WordPress no-interference reading mode plugin – Easy Reading Mode

We often see some websites adding reading mode, allowing users to read the main content of the site in no-interference mode.

Easy Reading Mode is such a plugin, the plugin allow you to add a “read mode” button above the content of your WordPress site, you can click the button to read the title and content of the article, and everything else is hidden.

Easy Reading Mode allows you to freely set the button text, color and more. with Easy Reading Mode, you can get a clean reading environment, do not be disturbed.

Search Easy Reading Mode in the backend for online plugin installation, or you can download the plugin here

WordPress Sidebar Ad Gadget Plugin – Meks Easy Ads Widget

Many people hope to add ads in the sidebar of the website. We recommends a nice WordPress sidebar gadget plugin, Meks Easy Ads Widget. With this plugin, you can quickly create an unlimited number of sidebar image ads.

The features:

Support creation of an unlimited number of ads in a small window
You can choose a preset size or a custom size
Random ad display
Limit the number of ads per impression
Sliding/rotating ad

To use Meks Easy Ads Widget, the premise is that your theme support gadget, if there is a conflict in the style, you need adjust the style by yourself.

You can install Meks Easy Ads Widget in the back-end plugin installation interface, or download Meks Easy Ads Widget here

Powerful WordPress Top Bulletin Board Plugin – DW PromoBar

DW PromoBar is a very powerful WordPress bulletin board plugin, The DW PromoBar plugin allows you to add a sticky top bar at the top of the site that can be used to post announcements or anything else you want to add. DW PromoBar support set color, content, links, support for regular display and offline, support set countdown, custom styles and so on. And can also be the perfect presentation in mobile phones and other mobile devices!

Search DW PromoBar in the back-end plugin installation interface for online installation, or download DW PromoBar here,

WordPress User Management Plugin – WP User Manager

WP User Manager is a new user management plugin, you can realize user registration, login, retrieve the password, modify personal information, modify the password and other functions in front-end, if you are looking for plugins in this area, WP User Manager should be a good choice.

WP User Manager can help user create highly customizable user profiles. User easily add custom user registration, login and password recovery forms to the WordPress website.

Search WP User Manager in the back-end plugin installation interface for online installation or download WP User Manager here

WordPress plugin – To-Do Dashboard Widget

In the process of building WordPress website, do you need to record some notes or to-do? This is a very simple to use To-Do Dashboard Widget, a dashboard gadget that manages your to-do list quickly and easily.

Install and enable To-Do Dashboard Widget, you can see the following gadgets in the back-end dashboard interface. Just type in a to-do list and press enter. You can also add some simple html content, such as links, images and more. To-Do Dashboard Widget support drag and drop sort.

You can install To-Do Dashboard Widget directly from the back-end plugin installation interface or download the To-Do Dashboard Widget here